Carbon Steel is extensively used in the oil and gas industry for pipeline construction, structural components of rigs, and well casings due to its notable strength and cost-effectiveness. However, to combat its susceptibility to corrosion, carbon steel often necessitates the application of protective coatings or the integration with corrosion-resistant alloys, ensuring its longevity and reliability in challenging environments.

Stainless Steel plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of valves, pumps, and storage tanks within the industry. Grades such as duplex and super duplex stainless steel are particularly valued for their exceptional corrosion resistance to harsh chemicals and saline conditions. This attribute renders them indispensable for offshore and subsea applications, where materials must withstand aggressive corrosive attacks while maintaining structural integrity.

Alloy Steel is the material of choice for producing drill bits, completion tools, and high-pressure valves, prised for its superior strength, toughness, and wear and fatigue resistance. These properties make alloy steel ideal for the demanding conditions of drilling and extraction, where materials are subject to intense stresses and must ensure operational safety and efficiency.

Oil & gas
valves and pumps

Nickel Alloys are extensively utilised for downhole tubing, heat exchangers, and processing equipment in the oil and gas sector. Renowned for their outstanding corrosion resistance, these alloys are particularly effective in sulfidic and high-temperature environments, ensuring durability and reliability under challenging conditions.

Titanium is favoured for its use in offshore platforms, heat exchangers, and firefighting systems due to its unparalleled resistance to corrosion by seawater and its lightweight nature. These properties make titanium an excellent choice for applications where reducing weight without compromising strength or durability is essential.

Aluminium finds significant application in structural components of offshore rigs and LNG (liquefied natural gas) tankers, selected for its excellent corrosion resistance, light weight, and superior thermal conductivity. This combination of properties ensures that aluminium is well-suited to the demanding marine environment and the specific needs of LNG transportation.

Copper Alloys, particularly copper-nickel alloys, are widely used in electrical components, heat exchangers, and various marine applications. Their exceptional resistance to marine biofouling and corrosion in saline environments makes them indispensable in maintaining the integrity and functionality of equipment exposed to seawater.


A & M Manufacturing Company Ltd excels in serving the oil & gas industry with high-quality components, utilising advanced manufacturing techniques such as investment casting, gravity die casting, sand casting, shell mould casting, forging, and precision machining. These processes enable us to deliver parts with the necessary durability, precision, and corrosion resistance for the demanding oil & gas environment.

We understance the importance of materials used in oil & gas industry, therefore we master materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminium, titanium, and copper alloys, focusing on strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity. 

Our commitment to quality is evidenced by strict adherence to international standards, ensuring all components meet rigorous quality benchmarks. Over the past 30 years, we have been continuously supplying for oil & gas and energy sector with parts of highest quality that meets customers’ requirements.

Our UK-based stockholding facilities offer flexible supplying options, reducing lead times and meeting the dynamic needs of the oil & gas sector efficiently.

With 30 years of experience, we offer bespoke manufacturing solutions using various manufacturing techniques. We have built close relationships with foundries and workshops in China and Taiwan. This not only enables us to produce engineered and metalworking parts of the highest quality but also significantly reduces costs, making us extremely cost-effective.

At A & M Manufacturing Company Ltd, our blend of sophisticated manufacturing, strategic material use, stringent quality control, and supply flexibility makes us a trusted partner in the oil & gas industry.


Valves: Produced via investment casting, sand casting, or forging for controlling flow and pressure in pipelines and equipment.

Pump Components: Manufactured through casting and precision machining to ensure efficient movement of fluids.

Pipe Fittings and Connectors: Created using sand casting, forging, or shell moulding to ensure secure connections in pipeline systems.

Blowout Preventers (BOP): Forged or cast to provide critical safety functions in drilling operations.

Drill Bits and Tools: Forged for durability and machined for precision in drilling applications.

stainless steel precision casting
valve body

Christmas Tree Components: Often produced by investment casting or forging for managing well production.

Compressor Components: Precision machined and sometimes forged to handle high-pressure gas transport.

Wellhead Equipment: Includes components like hangers and flanges, produced by forging or casting for strength and reliability.

Turbine Parts for Power Generation: Precision machined and cast to meet the specific requirements of energy production in the oil and gas sector.

Manifolds: Cast or forged to distribute fluids within processing and production systems.

Gearboxes and Gears: Precision machined and forged to transmit mechanical power efficiently in various equipment.

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