In the automotive industry, the selection of materials is critical for manufacturing parts and components that meet the demands for performance, safety, and durability. A & M Manufacturing Company Ltd specialises in using a range of metals and alloys, applying our extensive experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities to produce automotive components of the highest quality.

automotive industry stainless steel casting

Stainless Steel: Utilised for its exceptional corrosion resistance and durability, stainless steel is a key material for automotive parts such as exhaust systems, fasteners, and fuel tanks. Our expertise in casting, forging, machining and fabricating stainless steel ensures the production of components that withstand the automotive environment’s challenges, maintaining their integrity over time.

Carbon Steel: The backbone of many automotive components, carbon steel is chosen for its strength and versatility. We manufacture a variety of parts, including gears, brackets, and structural elements, using carbon steel. Our ability to work with different grades allows us to match the specific strength and durability requirements of each application.

Aluminium: Recognised for its lightweight properties, aluminium is increasingly used in the automotive sector for engine components, body panels, and wheels. Our advanced precision casting and machining processes enable us to create aluminium parts that contribute to fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, without compromising on strength or performance.


Cast Iron: Employed in applications requiring excellent vibration damping and wear resistance, such as engine blocks and brake components. Our capabilities in working with cast iron allow for the manufacture of heavy-duty parts that offer reliability and longevity in demanding operational conditions.

Ductile Iron: Ductile iron is another crucial material in the automotive industry, particularly valued for its strength, toughness, and ductility over traditional cast iron. It finds applications in areas where a higher level of shock absorption is required, such as in heavy-duty vehicle axles, suspension components, and certain types of gears. Ductile iron’s ability to withstand cyclic loading and stress makes it ideal for parts that are subjected to repeated impact or stress, enhancing vehicle safety and durability. Our expertise in processing ductile iron, through advanced casting techniques and subsequent machining, allows us to deliver components that meet the automotive industry’s demanding specifications for strength, wear resistance, and longevity.

Alloy Steels: Including various grades that offer enhanced properties such as increased strength, improved wear resistance, and greater toughness. Alloy steels are used in the production of drive train components, suspension systems, and other critical parts. Our investment casting, forging and machining processes are tailored to exploit these materials’ benefits, ensuring superior performance of the finished components.

At A & M Manufacturing Company Ltd, our comprehensive understanding of these materials, combined with advanced manufacturing capabilities and a commitment to quality, positions us as a key supplier in the automotive industry.


A & M Manufacturing Company Ltd stands as a pivotal partner in the automotive industry, distinguished by our comprehensive expertise in advanced manufacturing processes and our unwavering commitment to quality. Our specialisation in a wide array of manufacturing techniques allows us to meet the diverse needs of the automotive sector, producing parts and components that are essential for the modern vehicle.

Manufacturing Processes: Our proficiency encompasses several key manufacturing processes, including investment casting, sand casting, shell mould casting, gravity die casting, forging, precision machining, and metal fabrication. This diversity in capability enables us to produce a wide range of automotive components, from intricate engine parts to robust structural elements. Each process is selected and refined to ensure the optimal combination of strength, durability, and precision in the final product.

Materials Expertise: We utilise a variety of materials that are crucial to the automotive industry, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and alloy steel. Our deep understanding of these materials allows us to engineer components that not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards of the automotive sector. From corrosion-resistant stainless steel exhaust systems to high-strength alloy steel suspension components, our materials selection is tailored to enhance vehicle performance and longevity.

Quality Control and Accreditation: Quality is the cornerstone of our operation. We are proud to hold both ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 accreditations, underscoring our commitment to the highest levels of quality management and automotive-specific regulatory compliance. Our rigorous quality control measures ensure that every component we produce is subjected to comprehensive testing and inspection, guaranteeing reliability and safety in automotive applications. All parts are inspected by our supply partners and ourselves in the UK.

Bespoke Manufacturing Solutions: At A & M Manufacturing Company Ltd, we offer bespoke manufacturing solutions to address the unique challenges of the automotive industry. This includes rapid prototyping, in-house tooling design, and 3D modelling capabilities, allowing us to quickly turn innovative concepts into tangible products. Our ability to provide customised solutions ensures that we can meet the specific requirements of our clients, supporting them in the development of cutting-edge automotive technologies.

Supply Flexibility: Recognising the dynamic nature of the automotive industry, we offer flexible supply options to ensure that our clients can maintain efficient production schedules. Supported by our extensive UK stockholding facilities, we are able to offer rapid response times and adaptable delivery solutions, minimising lead times and ensuring that our clients have the components they need, when they need them.

A & M Manufacturing Company Ltd’s extensive experience in advanced manufacturing processes, commitment to quality, and bespoke manufacturing capabilities make us a trusted partner in the automotive industry. Our comprehensive approach, combined with our flexible supply options, ensures that we are ideally positioned to support the evolving needs of automotive manufacturers, contributing to the development of vehicles that are safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.


A & M Manufacturing Company Ltd specialises in producing a wide array of high-quality parts and components for diverse applications, leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques to meet and exceed the specific requirements of our clients. Below is an overview of our parts, highlighting their use cases and the crafting techniques we employ (only limited examples provided, please contact us for more information and specific product enquiries):

Camshafts and Crankshafts: Central to vehicle engine operations, these components are meticulously crafted through investment casting and precision machining, ensuring the detailed geometries and robustness needed for optimal engine performance.

Transmission Gears and Gearbox Components: Utilising investment casting, forging, and precision machining, these gears and components are critical for the smooth functioning of vehicle transmission systems, offering the durability and precision necessary for efficient power transmission.

Exhaust Manifolds: Created using investment casting and metal fabrication, our exhaust manifolds withstand the rigours of high temperatures and corrosive gases, ensuring efficient exhaust flow from the engine.

Wheel Hubs, Brake Calipers, and Forged Wheels: Made through gravity die casting, forging, and precision machining, these components are vital for vehicle safety and performance, providing the necessary strength and precision for effective braking and wheel mounting. Our forged wheels, in particular, offer superior strength and durability for automotive applications.

Gravity die casting car parts
Gravity die casting engine components

Control Arms and Suspension Brackets: Fabricated using shell mould casting and investment casting, these parts play a crucial role in the vehicle’s suspension system, ensuring stability and control by meeting complex shape and strength requirements.

Water Pumps and Oil Pumps: These essential engine components are manufactured using shell mould casting, investment casting, and precision machining to achieve the precision and smooth finishes crucial for effective fluid circulation and engine cooling.

Pistons and Connecting Rods: Employing precision machining and investment casting, we produce pistons and connecting rods that withstand the intense forces and temperatures within engines, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Car Grilles: Produced using precision machining and investment casting, car grilles not only serve an aesthetic function but also protect the engine bay from debris while allowing air flow, crafted to meet specific design and functionality standards.

Custom Fasteners and Fittings: With our precision machining and investment casting capabilities, we produce bespoke fasteners and fittings tailored to unique specifications, ensuring perfect fit and function for a wide range of assembly and construction applications.

At A & M Manufacturing Company Ltd, our expertise in investment casting, gravity die casting, shell mould casting, forging, and precision machining allows us to deliver parts that ensure superior performance, durability, and reliability in the automotive industry. 

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